Saturday, April 13, 2024

We’ve launched a brand new stand alone news website.

For the better part of 8 years, has been helping and promoting Torbay, its businesses and community, and this is still something we are deeply passionate about.

In fact, we’ll go one further, we’re passionate about being better, not the best, to us such a thing doesn’t exist. We believe other people can be better at something in their lives whether its management, physical exercise or something as simple as cooking a new dish.

You see being better, doesn’t mean a single event, its a continuous and relentless journey to improve your lives, other peoples lives and the country that we love and live in.

Introducing Boost,

Boost has been at the forefront of each of our regional websites, from Plymouth to Taunton, Cornwall to Exeter

At its centre is this overriding purpose to aim and strive for better. To help businesses be better and to help boost the businesses, events and the local communities that live within our regions.

This website, will be filled with better news from around your area, news that fill you with motivation, stories that inspire, challenges that people have faced and overcome through persistence and resilience.

Business isn’t always about the good times, sure they are good an all, but we want to know how you got there, the journey, the challenges, the 3am sweats and how after all of that you came out on top, ready to fight another day.

We want to hear about your 04:30am starts to totally smash that deadline, and those late starts when the coffee just isn’t strong enough.

Boost is a way of life, focusing on what you can do to make your life, your business and other peoples lives better.

Boost - The Voice of Better News

How you can get involved?

We’d love to hear from you, in fact we want to hear from you.

The quickest and simplest way is to send us your news articles, your stories and your latest business developments to our editorial team who will happily publish them live on our website.

All articles that are sent will then be shared via their respected regional Boost social media accounts, giving you even greater exposure.

Who owns Boost?

This website is owned and operated by Boost Digital Media Ltd.- a website design and build agency focused on helping SME’s grow.

Boost News Desk
Boost News Desk
Robert Haylor has 14 years of web development experience, starting out as a web developer whilst still in his university dorm room at Birmingham City University. With a background and a strong interest in website design & development he is skilled in a variety of programming languages including PHP, MySQL, CSS3 and HTML5. As Managing Director of Boost Digital Media, he regularly jumps on to client projects on a daily basis as well as ensuring the company strategy is being implemented and is delivering results.