About us

Founded in 2020, Boostdigitalmedia.net is an online news service that reaches thousands of business owners and individuals that operate within the healthcare, technology and business along with other positive news stories from across the UK.



In 2012, we started out on the social networking website, Twitter as a simple hashtag called #BoostTorbay.  The principle was simple, use the hashtag and we’d RT you to our growing followers.

Today we have over, 12,000 followers across the social media world.

 2019 Torbay Magazines and Directories

In 2019 work began on a new magazine publication for Torbay in collaboration with another graphic design agency.  Unfortunately the magazine never reached publication and the website for Boost Torbay was setup as a membership directory website.

2020 – Welcome to Boostdigitalmedia.net

The final chapter in our journey was the launch of Boostdigitalmedia.net an online website that focuses delivering positive news from the healthcare, technology and business sectors as well as more positive or inspiring stories.