Sunday, June 16, 2024
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We are delighted to announce that we are celebrating 10 years of Boost. started out life as Boost Torbay back in 2012. Since then the business has been on quite an exciting branding journey. Initially focusing purely on the local area of Torbay as a business directory and advertising platform. Today, its flagship website, focuses on delivering news from South Devon as well as introducing new topics from the financial and business sectors from the West Midlands.

In the 10 years of business, Boost has launched a variety of exciting initiatives from the Torbay Discount Card in 2014, helping local businesses grow their customer base, through to hosting the Boost Networking Nights to provide businesses with a platform to have a meaningful conversation, obtain a business card or just put that first Monday of the month to bed. Alongside this the organisation is responsible for managing it’s independent What’s On Guide and Torbay Business Guide.

Today, Boost focuses its efforts on its news website,, following its return in March 2022, and is in the process of relaunching the Boost Networking Nights in the West Midlands.

Boost is proud of its roots, being founded in Torbay in 2012 and has built a strong reputation within the local area for providing news form local government departments, development agencies and charities from around the bay.

Robert Haylor, founder of had this to say:

The past 10 years have been quite a roller coaster for Boost and I know that rebranding time and time again is not a sustainable business move. I am delighted to share that their will be no further rebrands, at least for the foreseeable future and the focus is now on ensuring that has a solid business plan with clear yearly goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time sensitive. The next 12 months will be crucial for as we look to obtain a firm foot hold in the West Midlands.

As Boost continues to grow, the focus for the next 12 months will be on our readers and to ensure an achievable plan is in place to help grow the website, the readership base and its revenue model.

Boost News Desk
Boost News Desk
Robert Haylor has 14 years of web development experience, starting out as a web developer whilst still in his university dorm room at Birmingham City University. With a background and a strong interest in website design & development he is skilled in a variety of programming languages including PHP, MySQL, CSS3 and HTML5. As Managing Director of Boost Digital Media, he regularly jumps on to client projects on a daily basis as well as ensuring the company strategy is being implemented and is delivering results.

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