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Typical Bank Holiday Weather?

The MRainy_Day_Wallpaper_3et Office is predicting a bit of a wash out this weekend…. and, having been lulled into a false sense of security last month with some unseasonably warm temperatures, we are all having that great traditional British conversation – about the wet weather! Obviously we haven’t seen it for a while and it must have come as a bit of a shock, and some might say ‘typical bank holiday weather’

Now I am usually one to be out and about in the Bay –  and don’t like to let a bit of rain get in the way of my day! This weekend we have The Pirate Festival in Brixham, and B-Mad on Paignton Green… grab your wellies, hood up, and go and join in the fun!

But there is also a whole host of indoor attractions if you prefer a roof over your head! Let’s take a look at just a few…

Kents Cavern – Create your own cave art  and leave your hand on their wall of hands!

Torquay Museum – Devon’s oldest established museum still operating, founded in 1845

Bygones – Go Victorian! Privately-run museum illustrates everyday life during the last two centuries

Torre Abbey – Uncover the story of one of the South West’s most fascinating restoration projects

Living Coasts – Visit Penguin Beach to walk with the African and macaroni penguins

Cockington Craft Centre – Cockington Court is a craft centre with a difference!

Smugglers & Pirates – Brixham’s top visitor attraction that will transport you 200 years

Brixham Heritage Museum – Displaying the heritage of the historic town and fishing community

Dinosaur World – exciting indoor exhibition that brings dinosaurs and their worlds to life!

Paignton Pier –  Stunning and iconic structure in the seaside town

So, there really is no need to let rain stop play There is always something great to get out for in the Bay!

Have a great bank holiday weekend everyone, whatever the weather!


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