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Trust celebrates nursing and midwifery excellence in pilot programme

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Excellence in nursing and midwifery standards have been celebrated with award ceremonies at Torbay Hospital, run by Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust.

Staff from wards in Torbay Hospital and Newton Abbot and Totnes Community Hospitals were presented with certificates recognising their continued commitment to high quality of safe patient care in the pilot of the new national Ward Accreditation programme. 

Wards were recently assessed against 14 standards; reflecting both the Nursing care ‘6 C standards’ (care, compassion, courage, communication, commitment and competence) and the health watchdog Care Quality Council care fundamentals based around safety, quality, environment, caring and leadership. 

Natasha Goswell, System Director of Nursing and Professional Practice (South Devon) said:

“This is an exciting time for nursing and midwifery across the organisation and is well timed following our recent Care Quality Commission inspection, when our kindness, compassion and care was praised by inspectors who rated us good or outstanding.

“We are proud of the care and commitment our nursing and midwifery staff show our patients and this new initiative is about celebrating that. It also enables wards and departments to aspire to improve in areas and to be leaders in their profession.”

Ward staff were presented with their accreditation certificates by Natasha. Teign Ward, at Newton Abbot Hospital and Dart Ward at Totnes and both achieved a gold standard.  Torbay Hospital wards also received certificates – Louisa Cary (children’s service) silver, Ainslie (orthopaedic injuries service) and Dunlop (cardiac service) bronze.

Fiona Soltysik, Ward Manager of Teign Ward at Newton Abbot Community Hospital, said:

“Ward accreditation is a reflection on the high standard of care the staff provides to our patients.  Teign Ward staff are very proud of the care they deliver on a daily basis and I am extremely proud to be part of such a fantastic dedicated team.”

Ward Accreditation is used by hospitals to objectively assess wards and departments against a range of nursing metrics. Used on a regular basis, ward accreditation enables nursing team members, ward leaders, senior nurse leaders, managers and board members to track, target and celebrate improvements in patient safety and quality of care.

Ward Accreditation is part of the wider Nursing and Midwifery Excellence programme which is a new, collaborative approach ensuring oversight and assurance of the key components of nursing and midwifery at Torbay. 

Nursing and midwifery staff are encouraged to aspire to continue to provide excellent care, step up to leadership roles and be part of shared decision-making regarding patient care, the healing environment and their own wellbeing. 

This is all aligned to the Chief Nursing Officer for England, Dr Ruth May’s vision for nursing and midwifery with her three priorities being; Local Ward Accreditation, Nursing and Midwifery Excellence and shared governance/decision making. 

It is anticipated that Ward Accreditation and will be rolled out across the rest of the acute and community inpatients wards this autumn alongside new Shared Governance Councils and the DAISY staff recognition awards.  

Shared Governance Councils involve nursing and midwifery staff collaborating in  decisions on patient care, the working environment and innovative practice. 

The DAISY Staff Recognition Awards is an international awards programme that honours and celebrates the skilful, compassionate care nurses and midwives provide every day.

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