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Torbay Suicide Rate increases slightly, despite lowest male suicide rate in the UK for thirty years

Torbay Suicide Rate increases slightly, despite lowest male suicide rate in the UK for thirty years

The suicide rate in Torbay has increased slightly over the last three years, new figures show.

Despite the UK showcasing the lowest male suicide rate in thirty years.

Mental Healthy charity organisation, Samaritans, said: that reduction in suicides is encouraging, but said that “one death by suicide is still one too many”.

Figures from the National Statistics show that there were 57 suicides across Torbay between 2015 and 2017, at a rate of 15.7 deaths per 100,000.

Rates measured from 2012 to 2014 reported that there were 13.6 suicides registered per 100,000 people.

Last year, there were 21 suicides in Torbay, one less than in 2016.

In totally, across the UK in 2017 there were 5,821 suicides from both male and female sexes.

4,382 males committed suicide in 2017, despite the high number this represents the lowest rate of suicide that has been seen in the UK since 1981.

There were also, 1,439 female suicides in 2017 with rate remaining stable at 4.9% per 100,000.

Time to talk

Initiatives and efforts to reduce the stigma attached to male mental health may have contributed to the reduction in suicide,

However, despite the encouraging figures, suicide is still three times more likely in men than it is in women.

The CEO of the Samarians, Ruth Sutherland said:

“It’s encouraging to see the reduction in male suicide.

We believe that the focus of suicide prevention in recent years to tackle the higher rates in men has contributed to this.

Added to this, reducing stigma around men’s mental health and encouraging men to open up and ask for help when they are struggling has been beneficial.

But one death by suicide is still one too many.  Suicide is complex and it’s a problem of inequality. It affects the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people in society, both male and female, disproportionately.

This is an urgent public health issue, not simply a health or mental health one.”

The statistics also includes all deaths from the result of intentional self-harm for people aged over 10 and deaths where the intent was undetermined for those aged 15 years and over.

The Samaritans can be contacted any time of the day or night on 116 123 or via email at [email protected]

If you’re feeling low for more than 2 weeks, or if you feel you can’t cope or get feelings of hopelessness for more than 2 weeks get yourself to your doctor/GP and discuss with them your mental health.

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