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Theatre Newbie Entertained by Fantasy – Part 1

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If there is one thing that a lot of people will know about me is that theatre is not one of my favourite pass times the whole thought of going on stage fills me with dread and to think of other people doing it makes me feel even more petrified.

However, last night, 12/03/2014, I found myself sat in a theatre with a diverse range of people waiting for the curtain to unveil the latest production by Colin Matthews, Fantasy.  My mind was very open as to what to expect and the hustle and bustle of the people soon quietened down as the lights dimmed and the music began to ring out.

Visiting my program before the start, I was totally captivated by the entire groups performance on the It’s a Land of Fantasy.  The lighting and atmosphere filled with complete attention on the stage complimented even further by the bright colours of the costumes.

After the excitement and commiseration a had died down all of a sudden the introduction of the show provided by Andy Oakley began, plenty of laughter and clapping proved to me that this wasn’t going to be a typical theatre production.

The laughter soon began to die down as the mood changed from a vibrant one through to a more serious more focused atmosphere aided further by the lighting creating the feeling of a very serious production.

A moving performance of Come What May headed by Keedie, Paul and Danze Magique, really did give me the time to get lost in the music and the beautiful and moving singing that came followed.

As the lighting and music began to change we were presented by a rather short fellow, who from the offset gave off the impression he was a bit of a mischievous character, and the title of Just for Laughs certainly lead up to its name with both myself and others filling the theatrical hall with laughter.

Further excellent productions followed including WIth a Fishy Tail & Giving it large – all were performed to excellent standard and again I found myself getting into the swing of the entire theatre performance.

What followed on from Giving it large can only be described as an Illusion.  Again, I am very sceptical when it comes to magic and illusions, however watching Daniel Dean & Rhiannon performing a similar act to find the ball under the cups – on a larger scale.

One minute everything looked pretty normal the buckets were being moved around and on occasion a head popped out the box, so by this point I was a little turned off, however staying focused on the stage the next thing I see is Daniel opening the box with no one inside – to say I was totally astonished is an understatement.

Rhiannon then appeared from behind the curtain – an act which has made me think twice when it comes to magic and illusions.

With my eyes now firmly placed on the stage and waiting eagerly for the next act, I was sort of astonished to see the sign for a WC, followed briefly by the cheeky fellow who had presented Just for Laughs, what followed made me smile as I can very much relate to the toilet being occupied and promptly followed by out of order.  Watching both Dean & Danze Magique performing a full on river dance whilst waiting for the toilet – is something I’m sure we can all relate too another excellent performance.

Soon after the whole entire audience were roaring with laughter as Becky and 4 guys performed their own version of Beyonce’s all the Single Ladies.  I must admit watching 3 guys dressed with the bare minimum and in high heels really have left a lasting image in my head.  I’m amazed how the actors didn’t burst out laughing as the performance went from excellent to perfection.

Once the music died down and 3 of the other guys and Becky had disappeared, we were left with one chap dressed with the bare minimum and still in high heels, I’m not entirely sure how he kept a straight face and even I felt a little embarrassed for the guy.

Finally, the last act before the interval began, and what could be more apt than We will Rock You.  A great performance delivered by The Full Company and also Trix.

At the end of the first half I was left mesmerised and eager to discover what the second half had in store….

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