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Relaunching the Torbay Business Guide

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We’re relaunching the Torbay Business Guide, an all in one location for you to promote your business for free in Torbay, covering businesses in Torquay, Paignton and Brixham.

The guide was initially shelved due to ongoing costs in keeping the guide online. We have since been able to secure funds to bring back the Torbay Business Guide for good and we’re inviting businesses across the Torbay area to join.

The idea behind the Torbay Business Directory is for visitors and local residents find businesses that provide the products and services that they are looking for locally. Our business directory, currently, contains the details of over 60 local businesses from across the Torbay county.

Joining the Torbay Business Guide

To join the Torbay Business Directory you will need to have your business details, your company logo as well as a bit of a description about your business.

Your listing will then be reviewed by our in house team who will either approve or disapprove your business listing, you will be notified of the reason for your application not being accepted.

There is currently no cost to joining the Torbay Business Directory and you can get started by clicking here.

Why should you join the Torbay Business Guide?

  1. Free – it’s a completely free tool to use, our revenue is generated via the website sponsors and also the ads that are placed on the website, meaning you can enjoy a completely free business listing.
  2. A trusted brand, we started out as and have been going since 2012, we know we’ve built up trust within our brand and products.
  3. Google Benefits – did we mention your business listing will be optimised for Google and all business listings have the capability to offer a link back to your own website
  4. It’s local, the Torbay Business Guide focuses only on businesses within Torbay – Torquay, Paignton and Brixham areas
  5. Benefits from our ongoing website promotion, see below

There really is a not better time than to join then now, to join the Torbay Business Guide.

Ongoing Site Promotion

The Torbay Business Guide will benefit from our ongoing website promotion, not only this but each of our listings are optimised for Google meaning it is possible that your business listing will list on the Google Search engine results pages.

Since its launch on the 10th May we are already delighted to announce that traffic to the Torbay Business Guide is increasing on a daily basis, with more enquiries and business sign ups expected in the coming weeks.

I hope that you will find the Torbay Business Guide a handy tool and make use of it, everything will be done this end to ensure the Torbay Business Guide is ranking highly on Google and that it contains as many of the local businesses as possible.

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