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After almost 9 years of supporting and helping my local community the time has come for me to move onto something else. had become my focus for over 9 years, from helping market local events and businesses through to joining in on some of the debates on social media.

Unfortunately, times have changed, and with it so to has my priorities.

Hey everyone, Robert here, founder of the new home for everything that is not related to my digital agency, Boost Digital Media Ltd.

I have a few bits to get through, most notably explaining the name change, as well as what’s happening with our other digital assets.

Why the name change?

Boost Digital

As mentioned at the start of this, my priorities have had to change. I run a growing website agency in Torquay and I need to spend more time focusing on growing and developing this agency.

Alongside this when I started BoostTorbay back in 2012, I didn’t have a little boy to think or worry about. Today I have a 6 year old son and my attention and time needs to be divided between working on the business and spending time with my family.

Other Boost Websites?

Some of you will have arrived on this website via one of our many other geographical boost websites. These websites included:

  2. Boost.London

I made the decision, prior to closing down our parent site,, that these websites would be closed down indefinitely and their domain names not renewed in 2021. Therefore please update your favourites as from 2021, you will not be able to get to this website via these methods.

Social Media Assets

Social media was where Boost spent a lot of its time, Re-tweeting and promoting businesses from across Torbay and the South Devon area. We will still be doing this, however, the time I spend doing this will be cut back significantly.

The Friday night chat will continue until the end of the year, where I will decide whether or not to continue with the #BoostTorbay chat, in all honesty it is unlikely that I will continue with it after 2020.

We do still have our Facebook group and I would strong urge and encourage you to make use of it.

Also if you’re looking for our social media profiles, you can now find them at the new addresses as follows, or by clicking the buttons at the top of this website:

To get in contact with us simply visit the contact us page and send us a message, it would be great to hear from you.

Networking Nights

Just prior to the lockdown in March BoostTorbay hosted various networking nights, an attempt to bring business owners together for an after work social, exchange business cards, maybe hear a guest speaker or just network.

At the moment we will not be running these sessions either virtually or physically.

I will of course review this in 2021, and once Covid-19 has begun to present less of a threat.

Torbay Business Guide and Events Promotion

Unfortunately this website will not be providing businesses with their own listing, and as such the Torbay Business Guide has been closed down.

Promotion for events, locally, will be available however we will only promote the events that have been submitted to our website, not submitted it doesn’t get promoted.

Further details can be found at

What’s next?

Well for this will become our news website focusing on finding the positive in every negative situation. This is not to say that negative events don’t take place, they do, but rather face the realisation that within every negative something good is going to come from it.

We’ll post occasionally on the website with news articles, technology, business and other positive stories.

Boost News Desk
Boost News Desk
Robert Haylor has 14 years of web development experience, starting out as a web developer whilst still in his university dorm room at Birmingham City University. With a background and a strong interest in website design & development he is skilled in a variety of programming languages including PHP, MySQL, CSS3 and HTML5. As Managing Director of Boost Digital Media, he regularly jumps on to client projects on a daily basis as well as ensuring the company strategy is being implemented and is delivering results.

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