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Raspberry PI jam

The Raspberry Pi is a single board computer (see picture) costing aroundraspberry_pi

£30 and was designed by the Raspberry Pi foundation

( to mainly get children and young people back in to programming and learning programmers and how computers work.

However it is also being used by thousands of programmers and hobbyists around the world and has even been to the edge of space.

A Pi jam is aimed at users of all experience levels, but also anyone who would like to find out more, we have demonstrations of projects, and can provide help and advice to users of all ages and abilities. If we can’t help we will try and put you in touch with someone or a website that can help.

If anyone wants to attend and demonstrate something they are equally welcome.

In September 2014 schools will be teaching computer science at all levels from Key stage 1 up to Key stage 4 and beyond and it is hoped the Raspberry Pi will play a big part in this as the device is affordable and can be attached to all manner of other devices and used projects such as robots and even home energy monitoring.

The September Jam will also be attended by the virtually safe who will be on hand to offer advice on internet safety This is also relevant as a lot of help with programming and the Pi can be found in online forums so it is important to remain safe.

The event is free and is family friendly.

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