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People in the South West more at risk of Bladder & Kidney Cancer

Kidney and Bladder Cancer cases in the South West are among some of the highest across the UK.

Recent figures reveal that the average number of bladder and kidney cancer deaths in the South West was as high as 924, with 2,275 people being diagnosed with the disease.

Torbay Council’s Public Health Team is supporting Public Health England’s new ‘Be Clear on Cancer Campaign’.

The focus of the campaign is to focus on blood in pee as a key symptom of bladder and kidney cancers.

Look before you flush

The campaign will encourage people to look before they flush and visit their GP without delay should they notice anything unusual (blood in their pee), even if it is just the once.

A recent survey has revealed that only 16% of adults aged 50 and over, those most at risk of these cancers, actually check their pee.

If you don’t look before you flush, you may not notice whether your blood contains pee or not.

Bladder Cancer, check before you flush

New films to highlight the health issue

A new short film, featuring TV doctor, Dr Dawn Harper, is being released as part of the campaign.

The film shows what to look out for as the colour in your pee can vary – from very diluted, to bright red or even dark brown, like the colour of black weak tea.

Blood in your pee  can be a symptom of cancer and is present in almost two thirds (64%) of all bladder cancers and 18% of kidney cancers.

Blood isn’t always visible

Whilst blood can be found in your pee, it isn’t always visible every time.

So it is vital that if you notice anything unusual you seek medical attention, even if it is just the once.

Worryingly, in the South West of those surveyed 44%of people said they would not seek medical advice if they spotted blood in their pee just once.

Equally, 43% of people said they would wait to see if it happened again, potentially putting off life saving diagnosis.  Catching Cancer early makes it more treatable.

Further examination revealed that 21% said they would be worried about wasting their GP’s time and 23% would only book an appointment sooner if they had other symptoms.

Kidney & Bladder Cancer claim 8,000 lives

Recent figures have revealed that over 19,100 people across England are diagnosed with kidney or bladder cancer.

Sadly, 8,000 of those diagnosed die from the disease.

An early diagnosis is critical, 84% of those diagnosed with kidney cancer and 77% of those diagnosed at the earliest stage, stage 1, will go on to live for a further five years.

At a later stage this drops dramatically down to 10% at stage 4 and 9% respectively.

Profession Chris Harrison, National Clinical Director (Cancer) at NHS England said:

The earlier people are diagnosed, the better their chances, which is why it is vital people understand what to look out for and when to visit the GP. This campaign has the important aim of helping raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of bladder and kidney cancer and encouraging people to visit their GP after seeing blood in their pee

The ‘Be Clear on Cancer ‘Blood in Pee’ campaign runs until Sunday 23rd September and includes advertising on TV, radio and in washrooms as well as online.


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