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More than 400 food hygiene warnings handed out by inspectors in Torbay, figures show

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Figures released by the Food Standards agency has revealed the over 400 written food hygiene warnings were given to businesses in Torbay.

The main problems included cleanliness and separation of foods.

The data from the Food Standards Agency (FSA) shows the results of food hygiene intervention officers in the local authority over a period of 12 months to April.

Inspectors assessed 1,868 businesses and handed out 430 written warnings in Torbay.

When running a food based business it is important that food and hygiene regulations are adhered to.

Any breach of food hygiene regulations can lead to a written warning.  It doesn’t take a lot for you to get a breach and problems can include:

  • Cleanliness
  • Training of Staff
  • Record Keeping
  • Washing Facilities
  • Separation of cooked and raw foods.

Officials consider the seriousness of each case, as well as how co-operative the owner of the business is before deciding on an appropriate cause of action.

Improvement Notices

As well as written warnings, in Torbay there were 11 hygiene improvement notices issued, 0 hygiene prohibition notices issued, 4 voluntary closures, 0 food seizures and 0 license suspensions.

Across England, Wales and Northern Ireland there were more than 150,000 written warnings handed out to business owners in 2017-2018, and 267 prosecutions.

Scotland, unfortunately collects its data separately.

Director of Regulatory Delivery, Nina Purcell at the FSA said:

It’s encouraging that local authorities have made improvements in the percentage of interventions achieved and are continuing to target their activities at food businesses where food safety risks are the highest or where food fraud is more likely.

An FSA spokeswoman went further and encouraged people who see bad food prep or hygiene to report it to their local council.  

In a statement she said:

You can report poor hygiene practices in a restaurant, store or other food outlet to the business’s local authority at

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