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Ordnance Found, Brixham Harbour Closed

Ordnance Found, Brixham Harbour Closed

Brixham harbour, Torbay, was closed yesterday afternoon following the discovery of an unexploded German World War 2 ordnance device.

According to the Kingsbidge Police Facebook page.  Brixham harbour was closed from 12:43pm yesterday afternoon due to a suspected unexploded ordnance.

The harbour was then closed for over 2 hours, whilst the police and staff from the Royal Navy Bomb disposal unit made the area safe.

Initially a 100m cordon had been put in place, with a chance that this might of been extended to a further 200m.

At approximately 15:30 the cordon was lifted, according to local eye witnesses.

What is an Unexploded Ordnance

An unxploded ordnance or more commonly referred to as a UXO are explosive remnants of war that still pose a risk to life.

These devices are often weapons such as bombs, shells, grenades, land mines, naval mines, cluster munition etc.

In 1941, the Germans carried out 31 air raids on Plymouth dropping over 250,000 tons of bombs on the city.

Device was a ‘outer shell of a German 100lb bomb’

Upon investigation of the device the Royal Navy Bomb disposal unit concluded that the device was from the outershell of a 100lb German bomb which had been filled with concrete.

A Royal Navy Spokesperson said:

Some people used to use the shells as doorstops or memorabilia then chuck them in the sea. The team praised the efforts of the local agencies involved today.



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