Mussel in on seafood at Living Coasts

Mussel in on seafood at Living Coasts

England’s Seafood Coast is hosting England’s Seafood FEAST – and Torquay’s coastal zoo has a seat at the table.

Of course, seafood is always on the menu at Living Coasts – the penguins, seals and others all love fish. Penguins eat sprats, for example, seals eat mackerel. Guests, meanwhile, can try a local delicacy – mussels.

Spokesperson Phil Knowling said: “As part of England’s Seafood FEAST, Living Coasts is inviting people to enjoy fresh local mussels, accompanied by the panoramic views of the Terrace Café. And the food miles are almost non-existent, as the mussels come from Elberry Cove, just across the Bay and pretty much visible from the Terrace Café.”

Mussels are something of a wonder-food; they’re low calorie, low fat and high protein, cheap, sustainable and good for both your immune system and your brain. In the wild, oystercatchers eat mussels; they prise the shells open with their beaks or smash them. Luckily, visitors to Living Coasts won’t have to do that…

For full details of how the Elberry Cove rope-grown mussels are being served, go to the website: Living Coasts will also be serving sustainable fish options such as gurnard and hake.

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