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License issued for Torbay’s first electric Taxi

Torbay is the first local authority to issue a license for an all-electric taxi.

Torbay's first electric taxi is licensed

Councillor Vic Ellery, Exectuive Lead for Environment said:

Our licensing team were asked if we would allow an electric vehicle to be licensed as a taxi, and after viewing the actual vehicle and hearing all the benefits of having a vehicle of this type on the road, we awarded the licence.

“It’s known that electric vehicles can enhance a good transport network and with the current culture of people wanting to change the impact they are having on the environment, we are extremely glad to be able to help have an impact on our environment in the Bay.

Torbay Council’s licensing tram have recently awarded Airport Transfers Torbay, based in Preston, Paignton with the new license.

The electric car, is a Nissan Leaf and is now operating as a Hackney Carriage around the bay.

Steve Guttridge, from Airport Transfers Torbay said:

Nationally, the move from petrol and diesel powered cars to electric is growing, and you can see why. As well as the impact it has on the environment with regard to emissions, the cost of running a vehicle like this is considerably cheaper. So far feedback from our clients has been positive, and it is a great feeling to know we are making a difference and helping to keep our environment cleaner.

Electric taxi saves more than the environment

The benefits don’t just stop with the environment, throughout may it was found that the electric car was using 3.8 pence per mile.

It might not sound like a lot, but given the average cost for a diesel is 17 pence per mile its clear that savings can be made.

CO2 emissions have also been cut to just over 600kg.

Further details about this new licensing achievement can be seen in the video below.

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