Job Advertising

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Why Boost Jobs Board

We ensure that your job opening is advertised to our growing audience both on our website and on social media.  Our social media audience is well over 10,000 strong and growing on a weekly basis, the majority of our audience is based here in the UK enabling you to reach a wide variety of people looking for job opportunities that you are promoting. 

Promote your job through multiple formats including:

  • Our Website (
  • Social Media (collectively we have over 13,000 people following us)
  • E-mail (over 500 email subscribers from across the UK). 

Our audience shares content that is valuable to them, and a job opening will certainly be noticed and shared within our community.


We’re currently trialing our job board and are therefore offering its facilities for free.  Every business that signs up to advertise a job listing will be able to list up to 4 job adverts with no cost.  

If you would like further adverts we do ask that you get in touch with us to discuss your requirements so that we can better help manage your expectations.  

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Contact Us

For more information, checkout the Employer FAQ’s or get in touch to discuss how advertising your job on the Boost Jobs Board could help your business.

Alternatively, contact us via the contact form.

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