International Happiness Day

What sort of day are you having, and why?smiley

Hold the thought right there! Today is International Happiness Day! We have all been eclipsed by the sun this morning which has got us sharing photos and conversations online. And this has certainly made my day a sunshiny one!

But what makes us happy in our everyday lives?

We are constantly bombarded with images online from advertisers who would have us believe that happiness comes from owning the latest gadgets; celebrities who may make us feel that happiness is all about fame and beauty; or politicians who bombard us with statistics that are served to make us…. err feel happy?!

But in reality – it is actually much more simple than that…

According to the non-profit organisation ‘Action for Happiness’ – these are the ten keys for Healthier Happier Living:

  • Do things for others
  • Connect with people
  • Take care of your body
  • Notice the world around you
  • Keep learning new things
  • Have goals to look forward to
  • Find Ways to bounce back
  • Take a positive approach
  • Be comfortable with who you are
  • Be part of something bigger

Careful not to isolate yourself though in a virtual world.  One thing is for sure, our connections with other people are essential to happiness… it is one thing having tons of Facebook friends, but, hay, make sure these are carried into the real world!  Social isolation is a growing concern.

There is evidence to show that being happy increases your health, quality of life as well as improving blood pressure and immune systems. So health and happiness really do go hand in hand.

Happiness can be defined as the meaning and purpose of life. So whatever it is that makes you happy, don’t just do it today – do it everyday!

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