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Featured Account: Torbay Pound

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Straight back into the thick of it this year, with our first featured account of the new year, Torbay Pound.  The Torbay Pound is one of the projects that we are looking into these next couple of years.  At present we are currently carrying out research into the overall concept of a Torbay Pound and whether there is a demand for such a product within the Torbay area.

If the research concludes that there is a demand then it is the intention of Boost Torbay CIC to develop and launch a localised pound scheme in Torbay during Spring 2016.  The Torbay Pound model is similar to that of what is being done in the City of Bristol where a localised pound has gone city wide and in Totnes has seen a localised economy boom from its implementation.

A localised Torbay pound would have a significant impact on the local economy and would help increase localised trade and further help the small businesses of Torbay profit from the people that actually live in Torbay.

Boost Torbay CIC is looking for volunteers to help get the Torbay Pound off the ground.  We already have a dedicated website in place which can be found at  You can also expect to see the new localised pound have a new twist to it – after all here at Boost Torbay CIC we are anything but static.

Want to know more about the Torbay Pound visit their website, Facebook Page or even drop them a tweet.

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