Sunday, June 16, 2024

Featured Account: Torbay Community Development Trust

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This week, we have a very special featured account, that certainly isn’t saying that all of the accounts that we have had as our featured account are not special you are all wonderful in your own way. However, this weeks featured account do a heck of a lot of stuff in the community, some of you may already be aware of some of the work these people do and some of you may have even been to their recent TimeBanking seminar.

Yes the Torbay Community Development Trust help people from a wide range of backgrounds.  Their predominant actions include:

  • Success Through Empowerment: essentially believing that what the people do for themselves is the key to community development and that organisations can be supported to foster a grass roots action.
  • Asset Based Community Development: building on the strengths of Torbay and its assets to further address the needs of the community
  • Adding Value: They don’t compete with or threaten the interests of member organisations, but instead will work with existing organisations and signpost people appropriately.
  • Sustainability: Finding sustainable solutions to local issues and meeting the local needs now
  • Accountability: Being accountable within the Torbay Community as a whole.
  • Co-Operation: Collaborate with both other voluntary organisations, businesses and public agencies
  • A Lighter touch: Working with the bare minimum of bureaucracy
  • Innovative: Seeking to support, broker and/or facilitate innovative approaches/ways of working.
  • Equality of Opportunity: Creating an equal and inclusive society

All of this leads to an organisation which works on a series of projects, has launched a new Time Banking scheme for Torbay and is working closely with the Community Partnerships throughout Torbay to help deliver their objectives.  The Torbay Community Development Trust are also working hard on inclusion for the elderly a new scheme called Ageing Well is well under way and we have more about this in the coming few days.

The Torbay Community Development Trust can be found online at, on twitter at @torbaycdt and on Facebook at

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