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Featured Account: TeamK

TeamK was started in 2007 when we were unable to find anywhere to repair the electronic games consoles that our children had broken.  As IT professionals with electronics and engineering backgrounds we were soon able to utilise our skills to repair the broken items, when the thought occurred that if we had difficulty finding somewhere to repair these items, surely other people had the same difficulty.

With a many years IT experience computer and laptop repairs were also offered alongside games console repairs. Computer and laptop repairs are a popular service, especially the more component level repairs such as laptop screen replacements and DC jack replacements.  Apple Mac repairs, which a lot of IT people are reluctant to look at, are also very popular.

As is the case with all technology, development happens and new devices become popular over time, so to meet the new demands of modern games consoles, smart phones and tablets new repairs have been added to the portfolio of repairs over the years.  The older style handheld games consoles such as the Nintendo DS Lite, have become less popular repairs and the most common repair is now the screen replacement on the Apple iPad.

With the increase of mobile technology in the workplace, mobile working and wireless technology over the past couple of years, the divide between electronic repairs, IT support and computer networking, has now diminished.  The move to offer corporate style support to local companies was taken in 2012 as a natural progression for the company.

TeamK can offer businesses one point of contact to get all the IT equipment supported in a professional manner by a team with decades of IT experience in large business networks and get their mobile devices repaired at the same time.

TeamK is passionate about business improvement due to technology, whether that is from fixing and upgrading existing equipment to installing entire systems.

So if you need technology working for you, not against you, visit our website at, or send an email to [email protected] to find out how we can help.

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Boost News Desk
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