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Featured Account: Up & Away Vision

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When you start a new business you have so many fears about how you will make it work, will it provide a suitable income and how do you sell what you do to other businesses.
That’s how I felt when I first had the thought about starting an aerial photography company.

The path to where I am today was not an easy one. Firstly I had never flown a drone in my life so that was a good place to start. With a little research and shopping around I dived into the world of drone flying and immediately I was hooked. It was amazing to be able to take a love of
photography and the camera to places and heights that I could only of ever dreamt of.

After several months I made the decision to become a qualified UAV pilot. Its been a long time since I had to study for exams but all the hard work paid off and after 3 long days and 3 exams I passed and became fully qualified. Now came the hard part where I had to write a long manual to present to the Civil Aviation Authority in order to receive a Permission for Commercial Operations certificate. At the beginning of March I become a fully CAA Approved UAV Pilot and my dream of running my own business become a reality, it felt amazing to have got this far and Up & Away Vision was born.

Since then I have become We, as my wife now plays a big part in the business and we have been flying our drones all over South Devon and have had the privilege of filming some big events in Torbay. Our most recent event was Brixfest, where we covered the whole weekend from both the ground and the air. A full video for the event is currently being edited ready for release very soon.

During our first months trading we have met some incredible people throughout Torbay and have finally shrugged the shyness that would have us freeze on social media platforms. Now we love to meet new faces and relish all the opportunities we are presented with.

In the next few months we are taking part in numerous events where we are giving talks and demonstrations on how drones are used and around the legalities of drone use. We are excited to be part of the upcoming English Riviera Film Festival where we have two films being shown highlighting the beautiful English Riviera.

A big part of what we do is about showing that drones are not there in order for us to spy on people or invade privacy but used responsibly and inline with legislation they provide us a unique view of the world around us and in cases around the world have been used to save lives.

Our photography and filming services encompass a wide range of uses including promotion, marketing, estate and property, events and weddings. We fly using the latest drone technology and can capture video in 4K ultra high definition along with 16 megapixel photos for those stunning aerial shots we love to capture.

If the future of Up & Away Vision is as good as the first few months have been then we cant wait.

You can find out more about us at

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