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English Riviera Beaches Main Reason People come to Torbay

All last week tourist businesses and destinations up and down the country celebrated the National English Tourism Week, a celebration of all things tourist related.

At Boost Torbay we figured it was a really good time to ask the question, what does bring people to the English Riviera?

Is it our food, the award winning night life or just simply lazy days by the sea.

So we put together a very simple twitter poll and asked the question what do you most love about the English Riviera, the results of the poll can be seen above.

We ran the poll for 7 days and we received over 33 votes, a fairly good sample.

English Riviera beaches are a hit

English Riviera beaches are a hit

From the poll it was clear, at least from this rather small sample, that the beaches in Torquay, Paignton and Brixham are the main reason people love the English Riviera.  A massive 58% of the people that we asked via twitter voted that, that was what they loved most about Torbay.

Foodies love it

In second place, came food and drink with 21% of people saying that they love the English Riviera for its food.

We gave this some thought, and when we consider that we live in a county that is surrounded by some pretty decent diners including Pierres, Prezzos, Amicci’s, The Elephant Restaurant, On the rocks and many more.

It’s not surprising to see that this was second.  It could also support that people who visit the beach then decide to head out for dinner at one of the many restaurants after a lazy day at the sea side.

Night life important but… 

Night life important but...

Only 12% of the people that took part in our survey said that they love the night life in Torbay.

We were quite shocked when the number revealed that night life was not the most important.

However, Boost Torbay’s typical demographic, at least according to Google are female aged between 45 and 54.  Whilst social night time activity would be important, it does stand to reason that these people may not of been as interested in tearing up the town at 03:00 in the morning.

Disappointing for attractions

9% of the people that took part in our short poll said that they love the English Riviera for the attractions.

Now you have this information, what to do with it.

Well at 33 votes, isn’t a big number, so this time next year we’ll ask the same question via twitter and see what results we get back, it’ll be interesting to see how these results change form year to year.


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