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Edward’s Pheasant chick in hope for future of the species

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Edward’s Pheasant chick at Paignton Zoo literally takes the word endangered turns it on its head.

This week not only have they successfully handled 21 dormice, but they have also had a Edward’s Pheasant Chick hatch.

Found in the Jungles

Edward's Pheasant chick at Paignton Zoo

Hard to imagine that this bundle of fluff is normally found in the jungles of South East Asia.

However Paignton Zoo, working with the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria and Viet Nature, to reintroduce the spices into the wild.

Paignton Zoos Curator of Birds, Jo Gregson said:

We’re a way off sending birds to Vietnam. This is all part of a long, slow, careful process to make sure the birds have the very best chance of survival in the wild.

This year we’ve pulled part of one clutch of Edwards’s pheasants to hand rear. This is the first time staff have hand-reared this species. We want to see if there are any differences in behaviour between hand-reared and parent-reared birds. Hand rearing is more efficient and can give us many more birds, but they must behave as much like the parent-reared birds as possible.

On the ground experience

Ms Gregson flew out to Vietnam last year to discuss plans that include reintroducing Edward’s pheasant into the forests.

A monumental achievement given that the species has been eradicated from its natural habitat.

In Vietnam

Meanwhile, out in Vietnam, conservation NGO Viet Nature is building office and accommodation blocks.

The purpose of this new complex will be to house foresters who are heading to Paignton Zoo this summer.

Whilst at the zoo they will be shown the latest research and husbandry techniques.

Avaries  are also being designed, a process which is being led by Paignton Zoo.

Back home in Paignton

Paignton Zoo is home to a total of nine adult Edward’s pheasant, four females and five males.

Five Edward’s pheasant chicks have hatched at the zoo, last year.  However 2018 has turned out to be their mos successful breeding year to date.

Edward’s pheasant or to give them their Latin name Lophura edwardsi is listed as Critically Endangered.

It is unfortunate that this beautiful blue feathered bird has not been seen in wild since 2000.

Deforestation, hunting and the use of defoliants during the Vietnam War.

Paignton Zoo is a registered Charity based in Paignton, Devon.

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