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Change: Make it Count Campaign Launches

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Homelessness in Torbay has been the source of a lot of heated discussions and arguments throughout 2018 both on and off social media.

Indeed, it is hard to imagine that in 2018 Britain that homelessness is still such a major issue for both government and the local communities across the UK.

However, that is all about to change under a new initiative launched by the Torquay Town Centre Partnership and Torbay Council.

The campaign, Change: Make It Count, gives people other options to donate which will help those who are begging instead of giving the money directly to them on the streets.

Homelessness is not a crime

Whilst being homeless is not a crime, and we’re not sure how many would willingly choose to be homeless, the act of begging is a criminal offence.

A lot of us, if we could, would give money to those on the street with honest intentions.

Giving to people directly on the street can encourage people to commit crime.

Supporting CHANGE: Make it Count offers a different way for members of the public to make a real difference and help someone off the street.

Supported by TESH & Shekinah

Shekinah, who run the Leonard Stocks Centre, has Kindly allowed the Torbay End Street Homeless campaign (TESH) to use their JustGiving page and to support the campaign you can:

  • Text TESH01 £2 (or other amount) to 70070 [TESCH is not eligible to claim gift aid for this campaign]
  • Donate online via the dedicated Just Giving Page
  • Alternatively you can pop some money in the various collection tins across various business in Torquay Town Centre.

The campaign helps support the work that is delivered by TESH, who are a range of organisations working together to end street homelessness in Torbay.

Vice Chairman of the Torquay Town Centre Partnership, John Doherty of Dots Pantry said:

The town centre business owners wanted to be proactive in supporting the street homelessness agenda and to do something that will really help people when they move into a new home.  By donating direct to the organisations working to do this, residents will know their money will be used positively and will be used to help set them up with everyday household items.  All of the money donated via this campaign will benefit a homeless person direct.

Anyone who is sleeping rough can access food, drink, clothing and washing facilities through existing agencies and the voluntary groups who work hard to help support people on the streets.  With the end goal of moving people into long term accommodation in mind, we wanted to find a way of helping to support them take that step and we think our campaign will do just that.

The agencies that are already signed up to the wider TESH campaign are fully backing the Change: Make it Count Campaign.

Moving from the street into long term accommodation is a huge step, and providing day to day essentials, that a lot of us take for granted, is another huge step in the right direction.

To find out more about the campaign, posters to download and how to donate along with other ways you can help, checkout the dedicated Torbay Council Begging page.

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