You spoke and we listened – Networking Night Changes

You spoke and we listened – Networking Night Changes

Today, marks exactly 12 months since we fired out our survey to find out what people thought about the BoostTorbay Networking Nights.

Currently our #BoostTorbay Networking Nights are only available online, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. We are keeping an eye on the news for when we can return to normal.

We asked a variety of questions including did people enjoy attending the #BoostTorbay Networking Night. According to our results 16 recipients said they did.

100% were happy with the venue that we had chosen, Revolutions in Torquay.

People overall rated the #BoostTorbay networking night 4.2/5, something we’re committed to improving and making it more fun for businesses and people to attend.

When it came to recommending the #BoostTorbay Networking Night we wanted to know if people would recommend the networking night to their friends.

We were delighted to see that you had voted 4.5/5.

That’s enough self praise from us, we want to extend our thanks to those who took part in our survey last year and to also say we have made some major changes.

What’s changed?

So what had we brought into the #BoostTorbay Networking Nights before lockdown:

  1. Guest Speakers: We had started to bring guest speakers to the networking nights, speakers shared their business journey, stories as well as added value to attendees own business journeys.
  2. Food: Was a major factor for our attendees. So we took care of that, and every #BoostTorbay Networking Night was filled with a delicious buffet and drinks.
  3. Fees: Yes, we had to introduce a small fee for the networking nights to cover our costs for the food. Now by small fee we’re talking £5. If you become a member of the #BoostTorbay there is no networking fee.

So as soon as we are back up and running we will be delighted to welcome you back, or to your first #BoostTorbay Networking Night.

Until then stay safe, and don’t forget to book onto the virtual networking night on July 7th

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