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Won’t Get Fooled Again…?

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Don’t Get April FoolFooled Again!?

Be on your guard tomorrow folks….. no kidding…. it’s that silly day of the year again!

But what is it about the first of April? Have you ever wondered why it’s the most foolish day of the year? Or are you a practical joker no matter what the day!

The origin of April Fool’s Day is actually quite unclear….. Some theories suggest that it began in France when the Georgian calendar was adopted. Way back in the 16th Century, New Year’s Day was moved from 1st April to 1st January.  But, apparently, some silly people continued to celebrate New Year’s Day on 1st April, and were referred to as fools!

Not everyone agrees with the calendar theory though… and many people think that larking around on April Fool’s Day is just a lighthearted way of getting into the spirit of Spring!

Nonetheless, the day has been marked across the nation for generations as people pull pranks on their loved ones, friends and family.

Even big organisations get on board to try and make fools of us!

The BBC can be great ones for tapping into gullible viewers…..  back in the 1950’s they ran a feature about a spaghetti harvest in Switzerland. I wasn’t around back then, so I cannot confirm whether I would have joined the many people who requested information on growing their own spaghetti!

And, does anyone remember when the BBC reported that the iconic Big Ben clock faces would undergo a drastic transformation and go digital? Never say never though – we are, after all, living in an increasingly digital world!

Then there was the online travel site a few years ago offering exclusive flights to Mars. Did they really expect people to fall for that? What planet were they on?!

Burger King, the fast food giant, a few years ago launched their “Left-Handed Whopper” on April Fool’s Day… containing all the usual trimmings and condiments but the other way round to suit left handed diners. Did you grab one?

Google tends to come out with an April Fool’s Day prank or two so keep an eye on your search engine – they have fooled people a few times over the years. But, interestingly, they have also chosen April Fool’s Day – and the run up to it – to announce some of their actual product changes too! Gmail was launched shortly before midnight on 31st March 2004. Free web-based e-mail and all that free storage? No way! Everyone thought it was a hoax!

So whatever, or whoever, you are planning to fool around with on April Fool’s Day, do it with the humour it is intended, have a bit of light-hearted fun, and please feel free to share your stories with the group!

Now then, I must go and water my spaghetti tree before I fly off to Mars!

P.S. I have just heard on the news that April Fool’s Day is actually being postponed until the 2nd April because of the Eclipse…. so maybe I should delay posting this article for another 24 hours!

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