Wednesday, May 29, 2024
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This morning, across the social media channels, I recently spotted the words “Blue Monday” trending.

I’ve heard this day mentioned on more than one occasion and for those of you who don’t know what it is, hopefully the definition below clears it up.

Blue Monday is said to be the most depressing day of the year. It is usually a day in January, a Monday, and its when the debts from the Christmas period have caught up with us, pay day is still another 2 weeks away, the Christmas pounds aren’t going as fast as you’d like and as for a holiday, yeah you won’t be going anywhere apart from the conservatory.

Yet, on hearing those words “Blue Monday” I heard the word, opportunity.

So if you’re sitting staring into your morning cup of coffee, or evening bar of chocolate contemplating whether you can quit veganuary yet, here’s my take on why Blue Monday is your opportunity.

Never have Christmas Debts

Christmas Debts?  Good - Opportunity

A lot of us overspend at Christmas, we buy that extra gift for a loved one, we spend that little bit more on a turkey, or buy that extra pack of cheddars. So as your credit card bill, or overdraft bill hits the mat this morning, take a look at it, take a long hard look at just how much you overspent, and then say the word “good”.

This is now the opportunity to start saving, the opportunity to put aside pennies for Christmas, to maybe change your spending habits. So rather than spending an extra £20 on cheddars this Christmas, you spend £0.

Bought a loved one an extra present? A bigger present than usual? Time to stop, spend a little less, look in the sales, shop smart, be smart.

If you’re a member of club card schemes, why no save your vouchers to Christmas, how about stopping the extras going into the trolley next January?

Make it to pay Day

Make some extra pennies - side hustle

Now unfortunately I can’t speed up time, and even if I could, I wouldn’t want to. Life is about enduring pain, and payday being 2 weeks away is, painful.

But all is not lost. There is still opportunity.

Maybe its time to crack open the side hustle, to perhaps push yourself a little harder in the mornings, rather than waking up at 7am and rushing around to get to the home office. Wake up at 5am and work on your side hustle, list those products on ebay, sell your unwanted presents from Auntie Gladys – after all who wears knitted jumpers today?

Looking to join an MLM for a bit of extra pocket money, there are plenty to choose from online, from perfumes to insurance, to everything in between.

Beat the Christmas weight

Beat the Christmas bulge

I feel your pain, no seriously I do.

I ate myself in mince pies, Christmas pud, Christmas cake and naturally consumed a bit more alcohol than I normally would.

Now before you have yourself another slice of chocolate spread on toast, croissants and jam or even a pop tart, its time to grow a bit of a back bone. You’ve over done it, accept it, no amount of crying into your evening hot chocolates is going to improve it, believe me I’m with you.

So get yourself up, put down the dairy milk and hit the weights. Don’t own weights? Go for a run. Can’t run? walk.

You’re in control of how you’re feeling, so if Blue Monday is making you fee like absolute crap, tell yourself one word “good”.

Look for the opportunity within today, see the mistakes you made, learn from them, and then deal with them so you never have to face another Blue Monday.

So rather than seeing Blue Monday, turn it around to “Opportunity Monday”.

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Boost News Desk
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