Thursday, July 18, 2024

What are we #Boosting?

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When it came to writing today’s blog post we had the perfect post planned from the wonderful TwEAT up that we recently attended over at the Kingsbridge Inn in Totnes.  Admittedly being one of 3 guys out of a total of 9 ladies to attend the TwEAT up and being the only one to arrive late naturally I looked like a rabbit caught between two headlights.

I’d like to apologise for my poor attendance… :).

At the TwEAT up, I arrived more with my web development hat on rather than BoostTorbay.  Never the less it was brought up, and one of the questions that was queried was “I like BoostTorbay but, what are we exactly Boosting?”  It’s a very good question and one that does need an answer so here goes.

#BoostTorbay is about Boosting Torbay from its businesses through to its community and onto events and beyond.  Essentially we provide a marketing service for businesses, communities, events and provide new ways for small businesses to connect with more consumers and vice versa.

The hash-tag is used to help us identify those that want us to help promote them via Twitter and we also offer featured accounts to those who want a little more than just a simple RT.  We attempt to connect small businesses or people with services that they need for instance if they need a plumber we will try and find them a plumber.

Recently we have begun helping businesses for fill job roles, by allowing businesses to pop their job positions on our website this is just another part of #BoostTorbay and what’s more its free.  #BoostTorbay will soon be going through a bit of a revamp, after all there is far more to us than meets the eye and we want to share it with you.

Boost News Desk
Boost News Desk
Robert Haylor has 14 years of web development experience, starting out as a web developer whilst still in his university dorm room at Birmingham City University. With a background and a strong interest in website design & development he is skilled in a variety of programming languages including PHP, MySQL, CSS3 and HTML5. As Managing Director of Boost Digital Media, he regularly jumps on to client projects on a daily basis as well as ensuring the company strategy is being implemented and is delivering results.

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