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TwEAT Up at the Kingsbridge Inn

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On the 11th October, the Kingsbridge Inn, Totnes played host to one of their first TwEAT ups. A lovely evening filled with a whole host of laughs, faces to long known twitter accounts and the food was just as fantastic as the atmosphere.  Here at Boost Torbay, we thought it would be a fantastic idea for us to get the train to Totnes and make our way to the Kingsbridge Inn from there.

As with most things, the distance from the train station to the actual Kingsbridge Inn is around 30-40 minutes.  For those of you that have been to Totnes you will know what a beautiful and tranquil place it is, it certainly has a bit of a reputation for being a little on the quirky side but either way it is picturesque place and has a whole host of local independent businesses to offer consumers.

Anyway back to the TwEat Up, upon arrival at the Kingsbridge Inn we were greeted by a wonderful front of house staff member who showed us through to a private function room, unfortunately your name has escaped me.  There a mixture of low lighting and networking chatter filled the room creating an atmosphere that would be maintained throughout the evening.

In the centre of the room a range of tables had been joined together and a red table cloth had been draped over the tables.  Red roses in vases were complimented the tables flickering candle lights and provided an ambience which was to last all evening.



At approximately 19:15 we all took our seats and after a brief introduction to each other about what organisation/twitter handler we were it was time to get started on the first task of the evening.

The task was that in pairs we would introduce the other persons business, we paired up with Amanda Gibson (@smart_bn) who provided a fantastic presentation about Boost Torbay, from where we started through to where we are today.  We in turn then spoke about Amanda’s new twitter handler, @smart_bn (Smart Business) who’s goal is to promote businesses through simply RT your tweets between 19:30 and 20:00.

Once we had gone around the table and all 16 members had introduced each of the businesses within the room the first course was ready.  For us we ordered the Cod in Batter, and in all honesty it was absolutely fantastic.

We are a big fan of fish chips, whether they be out of the wrapper or at the table via a plate, fish and chips for us are certainly a big yes.  The fish from the Kingsbridge Inn was both succulent and it just melted in the mouth it was fantastic.  We had fish and chips where the batter was greasy, however at the Kingsbridge Inn the batter was done to perfection and combined with Tata sauce it was just absolutely divine.



A beautiful side portion of chips and fantastic peas just complimented the Fish and the portion size was certainly just enough for one person.  It was nice to eat Fish and Chips and not feel so bloated at the end of it.

Another round of drinks followed by more chatter about other peoples businesses and we spoke a little bit about who we were and some of the individual projects that we have been responsible for launching or assisting with.  We ordered Sticky Toffee pudding for after, and when it comes to sweet puddings we are kind of the expert we love sweet foods, however this was the first time we had sticky toffee pudding with a strawberry on the top.

A beautiful dish mixed with a scoop of ice cream and a strawberry added that cool and refreshing taste that you don’t often get with a sticky toffee pudding.


Truffles had brought in a range of chocolates for us all tot try and they were equally as amazing as the food and certainly provided that extra special moment to the evening.

Finally, towards the end of the evening, coffee and chatter over nicknames rounded off a wonderful evening.

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and thank you to everyone that made us feel welcome. If you are not following all of the following accounts here are the links to their twitter profiles.

Boost News Desk
Boost News Desk
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