Torbay Toilets set to re-open, but not as expected

Torbay Toilets set to re-open, but not as expected

Ever since the lockdown started public toilets across Torbay and across the nation have been closed.

However, with the easing of lockdown, measures now being implemented, and with more of us heading out during the day, the questions have been asked, when are Torbay Council planning on opening the toilets?

Torbay Council have recently published some guidelines surrounding the reopening of the public conveniences after discussing the issues of social distancing with their contractor Healthmatic.

As a result Torbay Council have announced the following toilets are now open:

In Brixham

  1. 1 Toilet at Brixham Breakwater (unisex and/or disabled facility
  2. 1 Toilet at Brixham Harbour (unisex and/or disabled facility)
  3. 1 Toilet at Bank Lane, Brixham (unisex and/or disabled facility)
  4. 1 Toilet at Broadsands (two temporary facility

In Paignton

  1. 1 Toilet at Goodrington Central (unisex and/or disabled facility)
  2. 1 Toilet at Festival Apollo (unisex and/or disabled facility)
  3. 1 Toilet at Paignton Central (unisex and/or disabled facility)

In Torquay

  1. Torquay Seafront (unisex and/or disabled facility)

The remaining toilets across Torbay are currently closed. However, the council is working hard with Healthmatic to reopen additional toilet facilities which must, also, adhere to government guidelines at the following locations:

  1. Goodrington North
  2. Paignton Harbour
  3. Preston North
  4. Corbyn Head
  5. Torre Abbey

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