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Torbay Toilets Refurbishment begins

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Toilets across Torbay are currently undergoing a major refurbishment and refit.

The starting point of this refurbishment has been Bank Lane toilets in Brixham and the Changing Places facility in Paignton.

Torbay Council have issued an update in regards to the ongoing works.

Bank Lane Toilets, Brixham

Demolition of the old toilet block is coming to an end.

It is unfortunate, however, that the drainage system was in exceptionally poor state of repair.

This has meant that the construction phase of the work is now due to start early next week.

One of the major goals of the improvements is to reduce the toilet odours.

The toilet at Bank Lane, Brixham will be the first fully integrated, unisex toilets.

Pay on entry system

Bank Lane, Brixham Toilets renovation well underway

Once the refurbishment works have been completed a pay on entry system will be in operation.

People will be able to pay either via coins or through a contactless card.

Separate disabled failities will also be available along with a new look to the building outside.

Despite the challenges the refurbishment at Bank Lane, Brixham is on schedule and due to be completed within 6 weeks.

Apollo Changing Facilities Refurb under way, Torbay Toilets

Apollo Changing places & Disabled Facilitiy

Apollo Changing Facilities Refurb under way, Torbay Toilets

Along with the works at Brixham, demolitions works of this facility in Paignton is nearing completion.

The size of the space available can now be seen, giving you a clear indication as to the scope of the project.

New door openings will also be created.

Previous works to the buildings have caused some challenges, especially to the ceiling and amendments to the drainage.

Despite this, the project is still on schedule for completion within 5 weeks.

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