Thursday, July 18, 2024

The Torbay Timebank

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Our featured account, The Torbay Community Development Trusts, continues in this 3 instalment from them surrounding their new Timebank initiative.

The Torbay Timebank launched last month at the Torbay Community Development Trust’s offices in Temperance Street, Torquay.

Timebanks work by allowing us to help each other within our communities. Joining a timebank, we can offer our skills and benefit from the skills of others who’ve offered theirs. The more people who contribute to a timebank by ‘depositing’ their skills, the more there’ll be for us all to share.

It’s an asset-based philosophy, believing that everyone has something to give to help another, regardless of age, ability or background.

Absolutely anyone can join a timebank – from individuals and community groups to local businesses. Signing up is easy and free, and you can offer your own skills and talents when you want to.

In return, you can access and make use of the skills of other timebank members whenever you need them.

As timebanking is so flexible, and as there are no limits to how often you use the scheme or how much you can offer to others, it really does suit all. Additionally, it allows those already active in their neighbourhoods to record the work they’re doing (especially important for funding bids!) while enabling them to seek out the services of others when they need them.

Current timebanking possibilities include:

  • A group of music students offering help to local groups and projects
  • A web designer offering advice and hugely discounted services
  • Free / discounted vouchers for local businesses and attractions
  • Basic gardening help for older people
  • Short reports drafted for community groups to help with funding applications
  • Yoga sessions

For more information, visit:

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