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Torbay solicitors donate Will-making fees to Rowcroft Hospice

During the week of 16-20 May, 18 local solicitors across South Devon are taking part in Rowcroft’s annual ‘Make a Will Week’ by donating their Will-making fee to the hospice. Funds raised will be used by the charity to care for patients living with life-limiting illnesses in their homes across South Devon and in Rowcroft’s Inpatient Unit in Torquay. 

Making a Will is a straightforward process that brings peace of mind knowing that family and friends will be taken care of for the future and that financial wishes will be fulfilled. For those who’ve already made a Will, it’s prudent to update it if circumstances change, for example if there’s a birth or bereavement in the family, or a change in address, marital status or financial situation.

As Rowcroft funds the care of one in five of its patients through gifts in Wills, they are a vital source of income for the charity. For those planning to make or update their Will during Make a Will Week, Rowcroft invites people to consider including a gift to the hospice as a special way of creating a lasting legacy of generosity, compassion, kindness and love. 

Torbay Solicitors Make a Will Week

“Taking part in Rowcroft’s Make a Will Week and leaving a gift in your Will is such a meaningful way to ensure your kindness will live on by supporting the hospice now and in the future,” said Rebecca Cogger, Rowcroft’s In Memory Giving and Legacy Manager. “Your generosity will make such a difference in providing care, support and comfort to families across South Devon for generations to come.”

Robin and Angie Hill’s daughter Sharon was cared for by the dedicated teams in Rowcroft’s Inpatient Unit before she passed away just over a year ago at the age of 51.

“Our lives were changed from being so dark, to a place where we all found peace, especially Sharon,” said Robin and Angie. “Death is so worrying and quite frightening, but the care we were given by Rowcroft left us with peace. Our son has even said he is no longer afraid of death thanks to Rowcroft’s care.

“We have been supporters of Rowcroft for several years without ever thinking we would be so reliant on their services. It is very hard to imagine the value of this facility to the local community, but it is priceless. Rowcroft has made such a lasting difference to our lives. Leaving even a small gift in your Will to this wonderful local charity is your chance to play a vital role in helping families like us in the future.”

Wollens is one of the local solicitors participating in Rowcroft’s Make a Will Week. Partner at Wollens Chris Linton said:

“Almost every single one of us is touched in some way by the work that Rowcroft does in our community. It is impossible to put a value on the support they provide to so many families in and around South Devon. Wollens are proud to be able to play our part in helping them raise funds to put towards their invaluable work in helping families through the most difficult times.”

For further details about Make a Will Week and to find out how to take part, visit or call 01803 217405. 

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