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Torbay Community Carers in Drop-in skills session

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Torbay Community Carers are preparing for next week, June 11th -17th, as its the official start of Carer’s Week 2018.

To mark the event, the Torbay Community Carers Project has teamed up with Healthwatch Torbay and Torbay and South Devon NHS Trust to offer three drop-in events.

The drop-in events will show case a plethora of new and existing online digital resources.

The Torbay Community Carers Project is headed up by Torbay Council.

Within the project, it is thought it offers the regions 16,000 unpaid carers support.

The next phase for the project is an online learning resource.

Katy Heard, Carers and Volunteers Lead at the Trust said:

We want to make sure that we are providing the carers in Torbay with the tools they need and want, to help make life a little easier with an opportunity to progress, and actually use their experience.

Torbay Community Caers

Torbay Community carers formed From a focus group

Initially the Torbay Community Carers Project started out from a focus group that was delivered in February.

The focus group was attended by carers and members from over 10 local voluntary organisations

From the focus group it was proven that a clear demand existed for access to improved existing resources.

In total 20 online video libraries have now been setup and connected to local charity websites.

In total 200 health information videos and links to national charities, advice networks and local support groups have now been forged thanks to the new group.

New learning opportunities for carers

Torbay & South Devon NHS Foundation Trust alongside their partnership organisation, Health and Care Videos, have created a digital, video based version of the Care Certificate.

This certificate has also been accredited by the City & Guilds.

The Care Certificartion ensures that organisations are meeting the needs set by the Care Quality Commission (CQC)..

To compliment this certification, a less intensive version of the Care Certificate has been created called the Care Cert Lite.

This offers the chance to undertake further learning at the pace of the carer.

Speaking as Torbay Counci’s Executive Lead for Adults and Children, Councillor Julien Parrot said:

Torbay Council is making this resource freely available to all unpaid carers in Torbay and it can be accessed through any of the existing online libraries.

I would encourage everyone to get involved and take full advantage of such an exciting opportunity.

Torbay carer Madeleine Dray, concluded:

After completing a few modules of the Care Cert Lite test version I was surprised to realise how much I knew already. It really improved my self-confidence, making me feel that despite doubting my abilities, I’m actually doing a good job and could use my skills to get paid work in the future if I wanted to.

Unlock health resources with the Torbay Community Caers

What else is available?

On the 11th June carers will be given the opportunity to benefit from ongoing digital support from Healthwatch Torbay.

Alongside this support, you will also be able to get practical employment support from the Torbay Carer’s Service.

Plus, and always a bonus, free tea and coffee.

Pop in to a Drop-in Day

There are another 2 opportunities to meet Daisy Whitney, Project Manager from Health and Care Videos.

Both days offer the opportunity for you to find out more about the Torbay Community Carers Project.

The video library will also accessible and you will be able to discover the free online learning resources available.

Plus, you will also be able to learn how you can successfully complete the certification in your own time.

These dates are:

  • Monday 11th June at Healthwatch and Torbay Carers Office in Paignton Library
  • Friday 15th June at Paignton Library Foyer

Further details can be found on the official project website at or by calling 01626 833937

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