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‘Think carer’ – People with caring responsibilities in Torbay benefiting from information, advice and support

People in Torbay who care for a family member or friend are being asked to join Torbay Carers for information, advice and support to assist with their caring role.

Members of Torbay Carers can access a range of different support. This includes a carers’ emergency card, which has details of a carer’s back-up plan for the person they support and is recognised by hospital and emergency services. 

The card acts as a ‘passport’ to a range of services. At Torbay Hospital, members benefit from free parking when attending with or visiting the person they care for, discounts on refreshments and additional support if the person is an inpatient.

Membership also includes free carers’ education courses, a quarterly carers’ newsletter, and discounts in local shops.

One person who has benefitted from support from Torbay Carers, said:

“Since I joined Torbay Carers almost 20 years ago, it has given me peace of mind knowing I have an emergency plan in place in the event of anything unforeseen happening.

“I have been lucky enough to take part in a few of the workshops that have been on offer and have found them informative and interesting. When I have needed advice, I have always found that Torbay Carers Services staff have been able to help or point me in the right direction.”

Another carer, who has been registered for a number of years, said:

“Being a member of Torbay Carers has been invaluable to me. I joined several years ago, firstly when I was caring for my mum and now for my husband.

“It has enabled me to find support and meet other carers in similar situations. It also helps me save money as I show my card at my local pharmacy to get discounts, and use the card when I take my husband for hospital visits so that I don’t need to pay for parking. The newsletter also offers information and practical advice.”

Katy Heard, Carers Lead at Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust, said:

“All too often, people with caring responsibilities don’t realise that there is a whole range of support available for unpaid carers. By joining Torbay Carers, people benefit from a range of information, advice, and support including with finances, which is so important at the moment.

“I would encourage anyone who cares for a family member or friend, or supports someone who can’t manage without them, to please get in touch with our team and find out what support is available to you.”

Every year, Torbay Carers hold a range of events for local Carers as part of Carers’ Week, 07 – 13 June. This year’s theme is ‘make caring visible, valued and supported’.

To find out more about joining Torbay Carers or about carers’ events, please contact Signposts for Carers on 01803 666620, or by emailing [email protected] or visiting or

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