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The Books to Read this November – Boost Bookshelf

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Last month we finished reading the energetic and insightful read of Building a StoryBrand by Donald Miller, hopefully you’ve had chance to grab a copy and have a read of the book.

This month, we asked over 10,000 followers what books they are reading and what they would recommend for businesses. We had a couple of responses, one of which we’ve included below as well as the book we’ve been reading this month.

Inside the Nudge Unit

How Small Changes Can Make a Big Difference.

By David Halpern

Recommended by Martin Bignell, Armadillo Self Storage

Can you imagine what you would have said 10 year ago if someone had told you that plastic carrier bags would cost you 5p and you would think it was an amazing idea?

In 2010 the Government set up the Behavioural Insights Team (Known as the Nudge Unit) to try to improve Government policy and services as well as save the Country money.  Charging for carrier bags was one of the changes they brought in along with changing social norms to make more people pay their Taxes without resorting to expensive bailiffs.  In this book David Halpern gives an insight into the Nudge Unit, how it works and the theories behind Behaviour Economics and Psychology that can help you bring about real change and bring people along with you.  If you are looking at making changes in your business this is a must read.

The Sociopath Next Door

By Martha Stout, ph.d

Recommended by Robert Haylor, Boost Digital Media Ltd

Imagine being able to do anything without feeling any kind of conscience.

According to this book almost 4% of the entire population is a sociopath able to go about their lives disrupting, and destroying other peoples without feeling a single ounce of guilt, remorse, compassion or conscience.

The concern of the sociopath is themselves, and only how they can win and these people often come to us in a ways that we would least expect.

A must read for anyone who has ever met a sociopath, or for those who just want to be aware of these individuals.

If you’re reading a book at the moment that you think we should know about, then send in a short review of the book and we’ll include in with our monthly Boost Bookshelf and even a link back to your website.

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