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The Books to read this July

Each month we’ll bring you a collection of some of the books we have been reading, and those that have been recommended by our readers, followers and fans on social media. 

The books will range from business and self help all the way through to none-fiction, fiction and fantasy, there really is a no holes bard when it comes to reading. 

So if you have a book recommendation one month, make sure you send it over to us via the contact form.

We’ve recently finished reading What’s Your URP? 

We’ve all heard the words “Unique Selling Point” in the business world, this is often what makes your product’s/services and even your business unique. 

In “What’s Your URP?” it gets you to think about your Unique Referral Point. A point in which people will begin to refer leads to you on a regular basis without the need for much effort on your part. 

We say effort, what we mean is you will have climbed up the referral ladder high enough to have earned those referrals to be organically referred to you. 

The book is short, but in depth and is a must for anyone who wants to gain more referrals for their business, or is part of a networking organisation that works with referrals on a regular basis.

Recommended to us by one of our followers on social media. 

In this heart stopping terrifying book written by international best selling author, Tess Gerritsen, the main character Dr Abby Di Matteo has made the best and the worst decision of her career. 

Within this story the doctor has made the decision to use a heart, previously reserved for a wealthy patient to a dying boy, fortunately for Dr Abby Di Matteo a new heart appears. 

However, Abby soon discovers that the heart had been obtained illegally and begins an investigation that will uncover a murderous conspiracy that will threaten her life. 

In the words of our readers, 

“Keeps you guessing all the way through and the detail transports you into the story. I’ve read all of her books” @KirstyJ80

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