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South Devon Players show dates for Winter 2014-15 show

zorroprintableperiodAlways looking to create new dynamic theatre inspired by period drama, classical stories and legends, the Players now bring the tale of the dashing Zorro to the stage, in an all-new, family production, appearing at the Palace Theatre Jan 30, and 31st 2015.
And what a way to start off the new year! Combining elements of traditional pantomime, with the glamour of a Vegas-style show, and a 19th century legend of California’s very own answer to Robin Hood, Zorro! Is a high-tech, family friendly, action packed and energetic production which will delight young and old alike.
Featuring an all-local cast with an age range of over 60 years between the youngest cast member and the eldest, all of whom have worked together to create an amazing new show, filled with laughter, glamour, high-tech effects, swordplay, music, dance, and even a catwalk fashion show, the South Devon Players, a theatre company from Brixham, once again, return to the Palace Theatre to brighten your winter!
The Californian town of Torbaymuda is home to the handsome and evil Capistrano, the local mayor, who also runs the local school. Afraid only of his mother, Bertha (an ex-army sergeant major and now self-styled supermodel), Capistrano rules Torbaymuda with terror, and the aid of the beautiful witch Luciana, who has her own plans for the domination first of Torbaymuda, and then the rest of the world. Capistrano and Luciana have designs to steal the pirate treasure discovered by a rather strange tribe of local hippies and surfers, led by their “witch doctor”, Gary, but have reckoned without the fearless champion swordsman, Zorro; the hidden identity of the apparently bumbling geography teacher from the school, Diego de la Vega, who generally lives at the mercy of his students.
Meanwhile, Capistrano’s sister, Elena, completely exasperated with life in Torbaymuda, has moved to Hollywood, to become a movie star. Unfortunately her plans do not work out, and she ends up making friends with Harvey, a Texan trucker, who has also fallen on hard times, who sees her safely en-route home. Capistrano tries to enlist the aid of Harvey, to transport the stolen treasure, while attempting to raise an army against the SurfeZorroposterrs. Elena, the Surfers, Zorro, and even Capistrano’s mother, band together to outwit Capistrano, and Luciana, and break their spells.
An award-winning, not-for-profit theatre company based in Brixham, South Devon, UK We specialise in shows themed on historical events, classics, and legends. We tend to be a more non-musical group, but we do sometimes get into musical-related things as well. We rehearse at Chestnut Community Centre on Wednesday evenings and Sunday afternoons.

As with the majority of our main shows we perform at the Palace Theatre in Paignton, and are looking at expanding to Brixham theatre and maybe one or two others in the coming year.

We don’t charge annual membership but instead each contribute £1 per rehearsal, which covers rehearsal hall rent.
You are considered a member as soon as you are cast in a show or working on the backstage crew for one, and once you have proven reliable as a member (good attendance, nice friendly conduct with others, etc), we add you to our careers development facebook group which is a group where we share local and national casting calls for film, theatre, modelling and related, and any local (Devon) training courses, which is a free perk to our members who want to develop a career related to the performing arts.
This summer and autumn quite a few things have come out of that, such as filming for Channel 5, being visited by the Britain’s Got Talent scouts, performing in an international opera, etc. In the past we have also worked with the BBC, Disney, Smithsonian, ITV, and Sky TV. All costumes and scripts are provided each show, we are a range of people from those new to acting, through to semi-professional, and trained performers, everyone works together to produce a good show, and a pleasant supportive team. We strongly discourage “cliques” and forbid bullying and elitism, so that it is a friendly, respectful, safe, and energetic environment for everyone.

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