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What do you think about Plymouth’s trees?

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It’s not very often trees make the headlines, however, Plymouth City Council is now asking its residents what they think about the city’s trees.

The council is developing a Plan for Trees, working with a range of local partners, the goal is to set out the city’s long term strategy for managing trees, and to ask local people to give their thoughts on the future tree coverage and management.

Trees, have a lot of health benefits, besides helping us breath and alter the effects of climate change.

Plan for Trees in our streets

Whilst we’re all rushing about our business on a Monday morning, we often pass the occasional tree in the street, without much thought to their importance.

Street trees, particularly those in urban areas can benefit the local community by:

  1. helping to reduce air pollution
  2. reduce stress and improve mental health
  3. reduce noise levels
  4. provides shade during the hot summers
  5. reduces wind speeds in the winter.

Councillor Sue Dann, Cabinet Member for Environment and Street Services for Plymouth City Council said:

Trees make the city look more attractive, help to reduce flooding and water run-off, improve air quality and can enhance our health and wellbeing by making us feel better about where we live

Plan for Trees, four themes

There are four themes to the Plan for Trees which include:

  • The promotion of the benefits and value of the trees through education and encouraging best practice
  • The protection of Plymouth’s special trees and woodlands for future generations
  • To care for the trees by practicing and promoting good tree and woodland management
  • Enhancement of urban areas

Initially the people of Plymouth are being asked to take part in an online survey, which is open until Sunday the 16th September 2018.

If you’re not happy to do the survey online you can find paper copies of the survey at the Council offices.

Plymouth Council also be carrying out a series of public speaking about the Plan for Trees initiative.


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