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NHS Health & Social Care rate trust highly as a place to work and receive care

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The result of the annual NHS Staff survey, published  today, shows that Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust (TSDFT) staff rate the Trust highly as a place to work and receive treatment. 

The results show positive responses from  the Trust staff to the majority of  the survey questions.

Some of the key findings where the Trust outperforms the national average demonstrate staff are well motivated.  They look forward to coming to work and recommend the Trust as an employer which prioritises the care of patients and service users.  

  • Survey response rate: Improved from 37% in 2017 to 43% in 2018
  • Staff engagement:  67% of staff recommend the Trust as a place to work  – an increase of 5% from  2017 and 6% above the national average.   75% of staff recommend the Trust as a place to receive care.
  • Safe environment:  There has been a decline in staff experiencing violence from patients (-3%).
  • Safety culture:  There has been a 6% improvement in the number of staff agreeing that the Trust treats staff who are involved in an incident or error fairly.

Trust Chief Executive Liz Davenport said:

“It is really important that our staff take part in the survey because it informs how we support them by giving us a strong indication of what we are doing well and where we need to target our efforts to meet concerns.

“Particularly noteworthy is the high morale.  Staff are talking about improved motivation and how they look forward to coming to work, and that they feel they’re in a better position to share good ideas about how services can be improved.  It’s very pleasing that there are so many of our staff who would recommend this Trust as a place to work.’’

Ms Davenport emphasised that whilst the Trust performs above the national average in regards to health and wellbeing, the Trust is committed to continue to develop its offer in conjunction with staff. 

She praised staff for their commitment:  “The survey informs us that there is much to be proud of, especially the professionalism and dedication of staff who remain enthusiastic during this period of change to integrate adult community and acute care.  They are making a real difference to patient care and feel supported by us.’’

Trust Staffside Chairperson Alison Evans remarked:  “I’d like to thank our staff.  It’s really important that we receive their feedback. We’ll continue to work with staff to get their ideas of how we can make changes that will improve their experience of working with the Trust.’’

The results recognise there is room for improvement in a few areas, including the quality of staff appraisals.

 The detailed staff survey report, along with all other national results can be found at

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