Netflix Binge Watchers set for Advertisements

Netflix Binge Watchers set for Advertisements

Netflix and watch the adverts, that could soon be the slogan we take as the streaming service confirms that it has begun testing skippable ads on some subscriber accounts.

However, Netflix doesn’t want to upset its subscribers, so the ads will not be from third parties, instead the company will use the ads to promote its own original series based on the users previous viewing history.

With this being purely at an experimental stage, Netflix is not committing to making this permanent feature.

With that said, however, in the event that this is a successful experiment we will likely see the detailed trailers pop-up between our favourite shows that we may already be watching.

As already mentioned these ads will be skippable and Netflix said, in a statement:

We are testing whether surfacing recommendations between episodes helps members discover stories they will enjoy faster

The streaming service is being very careful not to upset its subscribers and is keeping a close eye on its customers comments via its social media accounts.


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