Thursday, July 18, 2024

Leave with no deal, say 42% of people asked in Brexit poll

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Friday night’s are always a fun and exciting time, not least because its the start of the weekend but also because we get to run the #BoostTorbay chat.

If you’ve never got involved in the chat, join us next Friday 8-9pm.

To make the chat a little more interesting, we’ve started introducing polls, a question of the week, usually its of a relevant topic.

This week our attention turned to the B word.

Avoid Brexit

Believe it or not we’ve actually been trying to avoid Brexit, or the B word as we have begun to call it, since the initial vote.

Not so much because we don’t want to believe its happening, but more because it causes nothing but rows at the dinner table.

Before we go any further we should point out that #BoostTorbay and this website is under no political allegiance, influence or funding.

The question

This week we wanted to know what people thought the next steps should be following Theresa May’s Brexit deal defeat in the commons.

We gave four options, the focus wasn’t on trying to stir the pot or to showcase which side of the remain/exit divide do we stand but more to see what peoples opinion was.

The results

A little surprising, at first it was any ones game with the top 3 (Second Referendum, Negotiate with the EU and Leave with no deal) all doing exceptionally well.

Out of 71 votes that voted on the poll, 42% of people said they want to Leave with no deal.

Of course our poll represents only a tiny minority of the wider vote.

We do have to wonder if the poll hit a larger sample would the results remain the same or would they change.

One thing is clear, certainly from this poll, both a Second Referendum and Leave with no deal are very close.

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