Sunday, June 23, 2024

Free Interactive Programming Courses in Torbay

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Digital skills are essential.

With the current lockdown looking like it will be with us for several months, perhaps now is the time to think about updating your digital skills or learn something new.

Free Code Camp offers hours of programming tutorials plus free interactive certification courses in :-

  • Responsive Web Design
  • JavaScript Algoritims and Data Structures
  • Front End Libraries Data Visualization APIs
  • Microservices Information Security and Quality Assurance

Each of these are over 300 hours.

However Free Code Camp also offers a video course, for example Android App Development :-

If you’re interested in Game Development, then many of the game engine providers provide courses and tutorials.

For me quite a few sites complement each other: I also find [3] which is a web based IDE offers a great way to either learn new programming languages or put skills to use, such as those developed with the Responsive Web Design course.

As is also collaborative, you can work with others. Both the forum community for and Free Code Camp are really helpful and supportive.

If anyone is interested in joining a community of like minded STEM enthusiasts then checkout Mastodon, which is part of the decentralised social media Fediverse .

You can sign up for an account at,, my id is @[email protected]. Hopefully we can at least exchange ideas and experiences of online learning platforms, and help each other find what works for individuals.

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Boost News Desk
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