Sunday, June 16, 2024

FlipFlopexit – Are they out or in?

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Well that was an experience and a half.

If you took part in #BoostTorbay chat last night, you will know that we had to leave our own chat around 30 mins early due to being on the road.  Please accept our apologies we were on our way North at the time and had stopped at Bristol for 5.

We had planned to try out Periscope this week, but trying to do a video whilst in a car at dusk doesn’t provide a great image.

So this weekend, we’re not in Torbay, we have come up to Derbyshire to see family and also to pay our respects to a member of the family who sadly passed away.  The weather is certainly shaping up to be a gorgeous one up here and equally hoping to be able to visit some of my old haunts later on today.


Thursday, Torbay went to the polls, inspired by a tweet from @Lil_Drone_Wifey, who asked the question is it flip flop weather yet.  So we put the question to you, are we in or out.

Digital Cafe Update

We announced a few weeks ago that we would be launching a digital cafe to help businesses and the everyday user get started on social media.  Given the number of courses, businesses and social media experts that are already in the Torbay area, we thought it best that it doesn’t make sense to repeat the wheel.

As such we are cancelling the BoostTorbay Digital Cafe indefinitely, but will be launching a small section on our website dedicated to a crash course on how to use the major social networks.

Featured Account @AllSaintsTSA

This week we are delighted to announce our new featured account, @AllSaintsTSA.  For those of you who don’t know, @AllSaintsTSA is an alliance of schools across Torbay & Devon. Collaboration and Transformation is at the heart of what we do.

So if you’re not already following them you know what to do, look out for more information on this account as the week progresses.

The BoostTorbay Weekly Note

Don’t forget your copy of the #BoostTorbay weekly note will be sent over to you at some point this weekend with full details of all the latest goings on in Torbay.

Until then, have an awesome week everyone and don’t forget to tweet us throughout the week, see you next Friday for the #BoostTorbay chat.



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Boost News Desk
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