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Devon & Somerset Firefighters called out 100 times to remove objects from people

Have you ever had to call the fire brigade to get you out of those cuffs as you had lost the key, or got a ring stuck on your finger?

Recent figures released by the Home Office has shown that Devon & Somerset Firefighters were called out over 100 times to remove objects from people.

No specifics

Luckily, and Boost Plymouth suspects with good reason, no further details are given about the types of objects that were removed by Devon & Somerset fire service.

However it is thought in the majority of instances it is to remove that stuck engagement ring and potentially the odd pair of handcuffs.

On other occasions, people have dialled 999 after becoming stuck in toy cars and the occasional toilet seat.

Fifty Shades Red

3 years ago the London Fire Brigade and Manchester Fire service teamed up to release the Fifty Shades Red Campaign.

The campaign was aimed at making people aware of the dangers and risks they take when using sex toys and to ensure that people had fun sensibly.

Alongside helping people get out of sticky and sometimes uncomfortable situations.

The Devon & Somerset fire service were called out 296 times to help animals that were in distress, stuck up a tree or in another dangerous scenario.

The RSPCA, who liaise with the fire service about helping animals said:

We’re grateful to firefighters for their support in completing rescues up and down the country.

Devon & Somerset Fire Service, more than firefighters…

Further data from the Home Office also shows firefighters were called out 344 times in cases of flooding, this would include rivers bursting their banks and pipes breaking, and 66 times to rescue or evacuate a person from water.

There were also a further 88 false alarms with good intentions.

All figures shown are based over 12 month period between April 2017 and March 2018.


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