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Coronavirus help zone

We are in the middle of a major pandemic, a time that have never been so uncertain.  At Boost, we want to try and help businesses and individuals continue their lives as normally as possible and have compiled a list of organisations that can help.

Government Support

The UK Government has announced a wide range of new social, economic, medical and transport measures to halt the spread of the coronavirus.

Banking Updates

Banks throughout the UK are providing a substantial array of business and personal financial support.  From mortgage and payment holidays to extensive overdraft and credit facilities.

Financial Assistance

If you are struggling and need financial support we have compiled a list of organisations you can contact who may be able to help you with this issue.

Medical Information

Social Media and the wider realms of the Internet are a wash with rumours and speculation.  We believe in the facts, click here for a list of organisations who are in the know for the latest coronavirus updates.

Local Councils

Councils across the UK have been given more funds to help support local businesses and people.  A range of support has now been introduced, find out what support is available in your local area.

Educational Resources

Educational institutes across the UK are currently operating a restricted attendance policy, with a lot of children being home schooled.  We’ve linked to a few great educational resources to help keep the kids on track.