ClipDis App for Messenger

Dubbed the “Mashup Editor of Messenger”.

ClipDis is a new free app that essentially turns text into video mashups.  The app uses thousands of words and phrases uploaded by the user and edits them together in order of the typed text message.

ClipDis is just another way in which the user will be able to communicate in a creative way to each other.  Working ClipDis_icon_1024x1024together with the Facebook team to offer Messenger users the ability to add even more forms of expression and creativity to their messages.

The simple aims of ClipDis are:

  • Type your text
  • ClipDis automatically matches every word with a video sequence
  • Send your mashup via Facebook Messenger or save it to your phone.

ClipDis already has 50,000 words and expressions in its database and this is growing on a daily basis.  Not just words but also lots of results for “LOL, hahaha, WTF, OMG, XOXO” etc
“I love you” is one of the most popular used phrases and there are over 150 alternative mashups available for this.

You can find out more about ClipDis on their official website, follow them on Twitter or even give them the thumbs up on Facebook.

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