Cadbury eyes up Protein lovers with new Boost+ chocolate bar

Cadbury eyes up Protein lovers with new Boost+ chocolate bar

Very rarely do we hear chocolate and think health benefits, or even protein, at least not from the makers of Cadbury.

Cadbury are better know for their delicious Milk Chocolate, Fruit and Nut and Caramel bars, among other tasty treats.

However, Cadbury has recently launched a brand new chocolate bar that targets those that want protein but don’t want to sacrifice the taste.

Introducing the new Boost+ Bar

Unfortunately this isn’t something we’ve had a hand in, but it is a chocolate bar that we’ll probably end up trying at some point.

The new Boost+ Chocolate bar contains 12 grams of protein and 32% less sugar than a standard Boost bar.

Is it good for my diet?

The ultimate question, of course, is does this make the new chocolate bar healthy for those on a diet?

We’re not entirely sure, however, Alexandra Miller, a corporate dietitian said:

“To aid weight loss you should be eating 0.54 to 0.68 grams of protein for every pound you weigh, every day.”

Foods such as lean meats, dairy, beans, legumes, broccoli and tofu are sources of healthy protein.

However, if you’re at the gym, heading straight to your favourite grocery store for a box of raw broccoli might not be satisfying.

Therefore a protein bar is great if you’re on the go and need that pick me up.

Richard Weisinger, Senior Brand Manager at Mondelēz said:

We are really excited to introduce Cadbury Boost + Protein for all chocolate and protein lovers.

People expect great tasting chocolate from Cadbury and we know Protein lovers don’t want to sacrifice taste.

With this is mind, we’ve crafted Boost + Protein so that it delivers the best of both worlds – extra Protein and the same chewy caramel Boost taste

Boost+ Protein bars are on sale now and will cost you around £1.49.

Boost+ bars should be enjoyed as part of a varied and balanced diet.

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