Boost Business Networking Nights

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It started as an idea on the back of a scrap piece of paper in Torquay back in March 2019. Since then over 275 people have booked to attend one of our Boost Business Networking Nights.

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Business Networking is a must for any business to succeed. The idea behind the Boost Business Networking nights comes in three parts.

The first, is you turn up, and grab yourself a drink from the bar or counter. Next you network with other businesses and people from your local area.

The goal is for you to leave the networking event with either a business card, a feeling that you’ve had a meaningful conversation or just that you’ve put a manic Monday to bed.

Our networking nights are delivered in a relaxed format, our vision is for people to feel completely relaxed and at ease whilst networking with other businesses within the community.

Occasionally we do have a speaker, who shares their business knowledge, expereince and expertise with the rest of the people attending the networking night.

The Boost Business Networking Nights are completely free to attend, unless we have a speaker where a small fee of £5.00 will be requested for people booking onto the networking night.


So the Boost Business Networking nights run on the 1st Monday evening of every month from 17:30 to 19:00.


We’re currently confirming our venue for 2021, however, we have been running these from Revolutions, Torquay since our formation.

How much is the Boost Business Networking nights?

Networking is free, when we don’t have a speaker. When a speaker is present a small fee of £5.00 is requested.

How to attend?

We normally announce the Boost Business Networking nights at the start of the quarter and provide a link through to our first event via our social media channels.

We also list our events via our own Torbay What’s On guide. So make sure you are following us on twitter or have liked us on Facebook and have visited the What’s On guide.





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