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Big Mac turns 50, introducing 2 new sister burgers

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Yesterday, Wednesday 7th February, the beloved Big Mac turned 50.  Yes, that’s right folks we’ve been enjoying the taste of a Big Mac since the late 1960s.  Of course it’s not surprising that the Big Mac has withstood the test of time, 3 seasoned beef patties, lettuce, onions and cheese, what’s not to like?

Of course no celebration would be complete, at least not at McDonalds, without the launch of a couple of new products.  Introducing 2 limited edition Big Macs, first up is the larger, double the toppings and cheese, Grand Mac.  However if you are watching the waistline this month you might want to think about avoiding this one coming in at 741kcal, and that’s just the burger.

Now we’ve introduced the daddy of Big Macs how about something a little smaller?  Introducing the Mac Jnr.  With just one beef Pattie, one slice of cheese, toppings and of course the sauce.  It’s also a little lighter on the wallet and also on the waistline at 400kcal for £2.19.

The latest range of product comes as McDonald’s moves ever closer to providing meals that are less than 400 calories and are a bit more healthier than your traditional burger and fries.

Having tried the Grand Mac, last night, I have to say they are absolutely gorgeous and with them being larger than the original Big Mac, you’re able to enjoy that well known and loved Big Mac sauce just that little bit longer.

Naturally all good things have to come to an end, unfortunately, and these 2 bad boys will only be available until the 20th March 2018, and once their gone they are gone.

Both sized Macs are available from all good McDonald restaurants in Torquay and Paignton, including the drive through.

They maybe back for a 100th anniversary, but that might be a bit beyond my time at least.

So a very happy, if not belated, birthday to the Big Mac.

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